149 | Influence of stress in de dynamic of GluA2 subunit during fear memory destabilization/reconsolidation process

Cognition, Behavior, and Memory

Author: Melisa Riva Gargiulo | Email: melisa.gargiulo.080@unc.edu.ar

Melisa Riva Gargiulo , Ramiro Gabriel Comas Mutis , Gastón Diego Calfa

1° Instituto de Farmacología Experimental, IFEC. Conicet
2° Dpto. de Farmacología Dr. Otto Orsigher. Facultad de Cs. Químinas. Universidad Nacional de Córdoba.

When a consolidated memory is retrieved, it can enter a labile state followed by a new process of stabilization dependent on protein synthesis defined as destabilization/reconsolidation. It is known that the internalization of the glutamate receptor subunit GluA2 in the hippocampus of rodents accompanied this process and plays a key role in the plasticity of such process. However, at an experimental level, it has been observed that the exposure to emotional stress prior to contextual fear conditioning, generates resistance to the destabilization/reconsolidation process. In the present study, we assessed if a stressful event influences the dynamics of expression of the GluA2 subunit during destabilization/reconsolidation process. For this, we use previously stressed and conditioned mice C57BL/6 which were reactivated one day later in the same conditioning context. The animals were sacrificed before or after retrieval, CA1 and Dentate Girus (DG) DH were obtained for WB analysis. The preliminary findings could assure that the dynamic expression of GluA2 subunit in the hippocampus is stifled because of the stress exposure.