Registration Fees

Type Early
1/8 to 21/8
22/8 to 23/9
Member (up to date with membership fees)
PhD Student or Graduate AR$ 2000 AR$ 4000
Postdoc Student AR$ 2000 AR$ 4000
Investigator AR$ 3000 AR$ 6000
Local Non Member
PhD Student or Graduate AR$ 3000 AR$ 6000
Postdoc Student AR$ 4000 AR$ 8000
Investigator AR$ 6000 AR$ 12000
Non Member from abroad
PhD Student or Graduate US$ 50 US$ 100
Postdoc Student US$ 75 US$ 150
Investigator US$ 100 US$ 200
Members of FALAN (see below) **
Undergraduate Student AR$ 750 AR$ 1500

** IMPORTANT: Members of Neuroscience Societies included in FALAN will enjoy the benefit of paying reduced registration fees as Members. They must present appropriate member’s certification during the online registration. Those who present posters (first authors only) will also enjoy the waiver of the registration fee. Ask for instructions to